Paris designers and their interiors

This beautiful and well-finished book contains
15 inspirational and extensive photo reports
made in the houses and (mostly) the apartments
of 15 French designers in Paris.
All these designers, whether they are more
interested in industrial design or specialised in
handmade objects, are important contributors to
the history of French design and of course to the
contemporary scene.
Author : Marie Farman
Photographer : Diane Hendrikx
Publisher Luster 2014

Esprit du meuble et du design

The aesthetic evolution from ancient times to today.
Author : Anne Bony
Editions du Regard 2013

"Les Nouveaux Horizons Du Design"

Editorship : David Rosenberg
Edition Assouline 2012

“Once Upon a Chair”: Design Beyond the Icon

An international up-to-the minute survey of contemporary furniture design.

Editorship : R. Klanten, S. Ehmann, A. Kupetz, S. Moreno
Edition Die Gestalten Verlag 2009

“Toys for Kids”

The most exclusive toys selection
Editorship: Patricia Massó
Edition Tectum 2008

“Furnish. Furniture and Interior Design for the 21st century”

The picture emerging trends through the work of several contemporary designers whose Cédric Ragot.
Editorship : R. Klanten, S. Lovell, B. Meyer
Edition Die Gestalten Verlag 2007

“Pure Design, objects of desire”

An original selection of the lastest creations by contemporary designers
Editorship : Josep Maria Minguet
Edition Monsa 2006

« Sit down design now »

An overview of existing furniture illustrated by the latest creations by contemporary designers.
Editorship : Josep Maria Minguet
Edition Monsa 2006

« Design & Imitation »

The book attempts to understand the strategies and attitudes of the designers themselves in terms of imitation. A reflection illustrated by various creation of designers.
Collection design &
Editorship : Christine Colin
janvier 2006
Edition Industries françaises de l’Ameublement

« The 21st Century, making of”, Exposition Universelle Hanovre 2000

Catalogue of the pavilion dedicated to the XXI century, representing the "making of" of different designs including those of Cédric Ragot.
Editorship: Dr. Martin Roth