Collection / Roche Bobois / 2013

The french design brand Roche Bobois has given free rein to the french designer Cédric Ragot to create a furniture and accessories collection, led by what the designer called a « free composition ».

The « free composition » is the idea that Cédric Ragot has suggested as an environment , advocating the creativity and eclecticism related in a coherent collection.

The result is a rich universe of influences and of aesthetic, like the plurality and complexity of our tastes.

The Kapla range, named after the construction game, the coloured accents known as Waterline and Radian, Precious side and coffee tables, Yero graphic shelving units, the Arobase sofa, and the Icône, Full Moon and Fuji lamps, make up the sum of his sculptural pieces, which can be envisaged as the elements of a play: they are full of character.

The central theme of this highly creative designer - who graduated in 1999 from ENSCI –Les Ateliers, and who has collaborated with the great design houses – is to link the functional with the conceptual and highly graphic form in each of his objects.

Project manager : Laurent Vermeglio
USB Keys / Emtec
Use Project / Emtec
Geometry / Minimasterpiece
Oscar / Bernard Chauveau
Printemps 2014 / Roche bobois
T8 F468 / krups
Loop / Roche Bobois,
Density / Nodus
Jetlag / Plust
Coral / Bitossi Ceramiche
Tank / Artuce
Collection 2 / Henri Mazelier
Invictus / Paco Rabanne
Naturally Clicquot
Nautil / Roche Bobois
So Quiet / Roche Bobois
Perfect Mix / Krups
Collection / Roche Bobois
Palm / Bitossi Ceramiche
3 Mix 5000 / Krups
Gaufrier FDD9 / Krups
Collection Henri Mazelier
Tom Yam / Qui Est Paul ?
Altesse / Qui Est Paul ?
18 carats / Paco Rabanne
Decibel / Azzaro
28'18'' Moment / Häagen-Dazs
Gobi / Gobilab
Kais / Roche Bobois
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin
Range 2011 / Paco Rabanne
Iso / Qui Est Paul ?
Featherweight Marble
Sismic / Roche Bobois
13000 Volts / Ymer&Malta
Dome / Roche Bobois
Ublo / Qui Est Paul ?
Kenny / Qui Est Paul ?
En Verre Et Contre Tout
Dervish / Innermost
Bolean / Ymer&Malta
Darwin / Ymer&Malta
Flat cables / Lacie
Bone / Ymer&Malta
La Flèche / Ymer&Malta
Silly Cat / Roche Bobois
Fast / Rosenthal
Canup / Habitat
Mantel Dome / Innermost
Amibe / Ymer&Malta
Reversi / Roche Bobois
Spykee Familly / Meccano
Hyper Fast / Ymer&Malta
In Vitro / Cappellini
Cute-cut / Roche Bobois
Majordome / Roche Bobois
Alcatel / Mobiles 2
Tarmac / Roche Bobois
Burn Out / Brisach
Love Messenger / Moleskine
Stabil / Council
Sir / Roche Bobois
Collection / Plato
Compose-it / Ymer&Malta
La Chose / Ymer&Malta
Alcatel / Mobiles 1
Vipp / Customised Bin
Flight 815 / LAMF
Universal Exhibition 2000
Genius MX boot / Schott USA